Quick Detailer

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Quick Detailer with carnauba wax protection.  Cleans, Shines & Protects.


  1. Rotate nozzle to 'on' position and spray vertically from a distance of 20-25cm to the surface.
  2. Starting with the upper surfaces, mist product onto one section at a time.  Quickly spread the product with a clean premium microfibre towel to remove dirt & grime. Using a 2nd separate clean dry microfibre towel wipe surface dry and flip towel to dry portion for a final buff.
  3. Return to the 1st damp towel for each initial dirt removal wipe and the 2nd dry towel for final buff, repeating this process on each panel until the car is complete.
  4. When the towels surface becomes saturated with dirt & product, fold to expose a clean dry towel surface.  Replace the towel with a clean one if all the towels surfaces become dirty/saturated.