Toffee Wheel

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Car decals, pinstripes, stickers and other adhesives can be removed quickly and easily without removing paint.
Toffee Wheel removes decals, stickers, and pinstripes effectively.
Comes with drill adaptor, the toffee wheel is compatible with any standard drill.
Turn on the drill and apply light pressure starting at the top of the decal and moving side to side.

Fit for cars, buses, trailers, trucks, RVs and motorcycles.

Material: Rubber
Diameter: 88mm / 3.46"(D)
Thickness: 15mm / 0.59"(T)
Thread Size: M8 x 1.25
Max RPM: 4000

Package Includes:
1 x Toffee Wheel
1 x Drill Adaptor

Please use Test area before use.