ShineMate Backing Plate – Flex Edge 6”

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ShineMate – Flex Edge Backing Plate M14

The FlexEdge Urethane Backing Plate are the indispensible part of achieving the perfect polish. The edge of the backing pad is wide and soft, which allows the pad to flex over the curvature of a vehicle whilst allowing greater control.

Manufactured from microcelluar Urethane foam which has strong rebound performance and can absorb the vibration. It does not deform permanently, and is extremely tough and durable to withstand the rigorous operation. The Velcro hook facing is adopted, it is molded with the Urethane foam and creates a permanent durable and flat surface.

✔ Soft Urethane molded with Flexible edge
✔ Ideal for contour polishing
✔ Applicable for foam pas & wool pads
✔ Velcro life time 5000+
✔ Well balanced for smooth polishing

Available in 6” and 5”